Why Do Men Think With Their Crotches?

I am currently dating online and I am having a heck of a time meeting a decent guy.

It seems like all I come across are people who want to compliment the way I look and let me know how lucky I would be to get the opportunity to sleep with them.

I guess they believe that I am some kind of weird person that has a low self-esteem. I cannot see why in the world they would believe that this would appeal to someone.

Then again, I guess there is someone out there for everyone.

When I tell most of these losers that I am not interested, they start talking about how they are well endowed and know how toplease the ladies

I am sorry, but the idea of a random guy telling me that type of information is far from appealing.

Who wants to think about a super huge package when there is a chance that it is infected with some type of super disease?

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They do not realize that being suave and having a more subtle approach is something that is more appealing to the average woman who is looking for a guy.