I’ve Cracked The Case When It Comes To My Erection Issue!


I remember the first time I tried to be intimate with a girl when I noticed that I couldn’t get an erection. It was very hard to deal with and I couldn’t believe that it was happening to me at such a young age.

The woman thought it was her doing and that I just didn’t like her so we called it off. I insisted that wasn’t the case, but now I know better than to not tell someone that it could happen if I feel like it’s going to be an issue later.

My diet was really bad for a long time. I would just eat whatever I wanted and drank a lot of booze after work My doctor said that before trying anything else that I should actually just eat right and quit with drugs and alcohol.

I thought he was not really telling me the whole truth and just didn’t want to deal with the problem with me. Boy, was I wrong!

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My libido returned with a vengeance and so did my erections when I started to pay attention to what I was putting into my body regularly.