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What are the things you should NOT be doing in bed

Hi hottie,

Do you sometimes feel like you have no
idea what women like in bed? Should
you scratch there, lick over on that
spot and choose that particular
position? Everything can be pretty
darn confusing.

I decided to scoop up some helpful
information by asking a bunch of
ladies to tell me what they didn’t
enjoy, sex-wise. What are the erotic
moves that left them baffled or,
worse, became a deal-breaker for them.

If you need some pointers on how to
really satisfy your partner, then this
is where you should start, because
knowing what you should NOT be doing
when hitting the bedroom saves you a
lot of awkward moments.

Click this link and find their
answers. Warning, some of them might
surprise you!

I decided to do this experiment after
reading a study that showed 75 percent
of men think they’re total sex gods.
It’s good to be optimistic, but I
think behind this wishful thinking
lies another truth: men simply do not
always know what women want.

Fortunately for you, this poll
inspired me to ask some real women one
major question: what actually makes a
man not-so-great in bed?

Click this link and find out what they
had to say about this.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Actually, what makes a man good
in bed is focus. Are you focusing on
her or on himself? This is the
question you should be asking
yourself. Click this link to find out
the scenarios that mean you’re a less
than perfect lover and start improving








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